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this is for all the girls who are big girls that don’t have a skinnier middle than their butt and thighs 

the ones whos bellies hang over their underwear

who’s waist size is thicker than their shoulders, butt, or anywhere else on their bodies

who’s boobs are bigger than their butts, they have curvy lumps on their backs, muffin tops, chicken legs, thick arms and smaller bodies, no boobs, no butt, all middle, whatever.

you’re loved too. don’t forget that.


if you are losing weight and getting fit right now and you’re in college, with a job, in your late teens or early twenties, and you are not only struggling with the bullshit that goes with school and work but also trying to get in the best shape of your life while also simultaneously coping with the inner monologue in your head that won’t shut up about your imminent future as an adult in the real world, you get mad props from me.


wow her legs 🙌 perfect


i love this 

I will never stop reblogging this. 

@emilyskyefit: HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED!!
​Regular positive affirmations help to keep you focussed on your goal. 
Remind yourself every day what it is you want & why & believe that you can achieve them!
Words and thoughts are more powerful than you think!
Write down your goals & your affirmations & leave notes around the house. Eg. I choose to eat clean, healthy food & exercise regularly so I can have a healthy fit body & can live my life to the fullest!
Be positive – you are much more likely to stay committed & achieve your goals if you are positive about the entire journey you have to take to get there. 
Rather than thinking; “I hate exercising & find it boring” – think; “I love exercising because of the great benefits I get such as an increase in energy levels & endorphins, let alone the amazing body I will have!”.
. .
“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”
- You are the product of your thoughts - what you think, you become!

Be proud of yourself of what you have already achieved & what you are continuing to achieve. Remember it is a process! – Take it one day at a time, try to enjoy the journey & be proud of every step you take! 😘
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